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  • Exclusive auctions not found on any other website .
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  • An average of 2600 locations & 4000 auctions per state monthly .
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More About Auctions

StorageUnitAuctionList.com provides listings for every form of other auction in the US. We have detailed handbooks available for your reference to help you succeed at any and all auction types.

Our original handbook is a complete guide from industry experts providing tips on how to sell your products. In addition, we offer a bluebook guide to valuating your acquisitions.

We are now providing subscribers with a comprehensive reference to the wholesale, drop shipping, and liquidation industry to best prepare you for your auction experience and resale options.

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  • We live in a small town in Texas and could not believe the number of auctions we have been missing by not being able to find storage facilities. But Storage Unit Auction List.com found and knew of places we didn't know even had auctions! I recommend this site to anyone who enjoys storage auctions.
    - James from Texas
  • One of the smartest moves I've made since I started going to storage auctions! Simplifies the whole process of trying to find out where the auctions are, should have done this a long time ago!
    - Kenny from Massachusetts
  • Better than the competition, Storage Unit Auction List.com is a one-stop resource for state-by-state storage unit auctions. Accurate, timely and easy to use - your website is the best! Very, very pleased - when pennies count, this site is worth every one!
    - Valerie from Pennsylvania
  • We live in a small town in Texas and could not believe the number of auctions we have been missing by not being able to find storage facilities. But Storage Unit Auction List.com found and knew of places we didn't know even had auctions! I recommend this site to anyone who enjoys storage auctions.
    - James from Texas
  • With Storage Unit Auction List.com I am able to bid at storage auctions that are not listed on other websites. Thanks to Storage Unit Auction List.com I was able to attend, bid and win an auction making a profit of $2650.00. It's has been the best investment I could've ever made.
    - Michael from New York

The Go-to List of Auctions Online

StorageUnitAuctionList.com already offers subscribers the largest database of storage auctions across the country, providing information on auctions in all fifty states and over 51,000 facilities.

Established as the leading provider of storage auctions online, with over 10,000 each month and information on over 250,000 auctions, StorageUnitAuctionList.com is on the way to providing the same results and information for you on all auctions across the country.

We are a reliable industry standard for seasoned auction hunters and newcomers alike. Our trusted reputation has allowed us to partner with related businesses in the industry to provide our subscribers with further industry training and additional auctions.

StorageUnitAuctionList.com also brings you the most up to date industry information and helpful how-to tips, along with constantly updating our site, holding contests, and providing new, useful tools to ease your business needs. Check out our detailed auction handbooks on the industries involved, bidding strategies, where and how to resell, and a Blue Book valuation of the items most often found at auctions.

StorageUnitAuctionList.com also provides the ability for the facility owners to maintain/update the auctions happening in their facilities. A feature that was added in Summer 2019 can be utlized by Facility Owners by visitng the Facility Owners Registration page . If you are a Storage Unit Facility Owner, sign up today!

You Can Profit From Our Auction List!

Are you a small business owner trying to increase your inventory supply or merchandise selection on a budget? Maybe you are looking to make some extra cash on the side, reselling items online or offline? Regardless of where you sell your items, auctions are one way to get the inventory you require at a fraction of the cost. Most people are familiar with storage auction programming on television; but, the potential is not limited to that niche alone! From estate & government auctions to fundraiser auctions and much more, we do all the work to make your venture as simple as possible.

While recent programming has raised awareness to the world of auctions and the mass earning potential therein, what is not represented is the intricate process required to find a large assortment of auctions on a regular basis to help drive your business. Finding a regular, verified source of auction listings, with items in re-sellable condition takes time and energy. Not every auction will net the desired results, so it is important to have a regular schedule of attendance to these opportunities to find what you want and need.

Pick a State to Find Auctions ...


Auctions can occur sporadically and only periodically, often leaving people confused and frustrated with wasted time and efforts compiling viable information from various sources on when and where these auctions are taking place. Additionally, there is always a slight variation on additional specified information you need to know simply to attend.

Wouldn't you rather maximize your time and energy on generating more profit? The easiest way to ensure that you are not spending any more time finding this information on local auctions than necessary is to subscribe to a detailed list of auctions in your area.

StorageUnitAuctionList.com helps you find a complete listing of auctions state by state with only a few clicks! We list storage auctions, auto auctions, estate sales, police auctions, foreclosure auctions, real estate auctions, government auctions, online auctions, and more. Never again will you worry about finding auctions in your desired area. You will have the time to run your resale business more efficiently and effectively!

Storage Auction Categories

There are so many types of auction categories out there. Some of them can even overlap. StorageUnitAuctionList.com subscribers can review their account for a complete listing of auctions in the region of their choice, and review upcoming information on many of the forms of auctions available. Our experts can provide advice on the following auction categories:

Caravan Auctions

Auctions that occur on the same date and within the same vicinity as one another. Typically, caravan auctions are held by the same auctioneering company and participants travel from location to location and continue bidding on different items. Primarily relevant to Storage Auctions. These auctions are especially valuable for resale business owners because of the number of units available. The more there is to bid on, the more likely you are to find valuable items that can be resold and turn you a profit.

Open Bid Auctions/English Auctions/Bin Auctions

This categorization is most relevant to Storage Auctions. The word "bin" refers to the actual storage unit itself, including everything inside of it. Bin auctions are generally more common than Piece Auctions. The bin auctions are the type seen on A&E's show Storage Wars and similar shows.Buyers start placing bids on the item on sale, with the auctioneer accepting higher bids as they come.The buyer with highest bid at any time is considered the one with a standing bid

Piece Auctions

When individual items at certain types of auctions (primarily Storage Auctions) are sold piece by piece from within a unit. Piece auctions are less common than bin auctions due to individual state lien laws that may prevent auctioneers and facility employees from entering a unit to catalogue inventory before the sale of a unit. However, when these types of auctions occur, often the individual items sell for more than the entire unit would have.

StorageUnitAuctionList.com Exclusive Auctions

StorageUnitAuctionList.com offers their subscribers hundreds of exclusive, verified auctions each month that cannot be found anywhere else. These auctions are denoted on the website with an icon so that subscribers can easily find them! All of these auctions are indivudually verified by the data team of StorageUnitAuctionList.com by making phone calls to the facilities

storage auction alerts

Notifications and Alerts for your auction list

Our notification system gives you the ability to customize a list of upcoming auctions you plan to attend, in order to receive details on the location of the auction, the date, and time, and other pertinent information.

Auction alert tools allow you to receive updates about upcoming auctions via email and text message. For each alert you set you can choose how you would like to receive it.

Customer Service

Not only do we provide the biggest list of storage auctions from thousands upon thousands of storage facilities, we now provide listings for numerous other auctions across the country. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing our subscribers with stellar customer service. StorageUnitAuctionList.com employs a full-time staff that validates each auction to give you the most detailed and accurate information available including exclusive auctions you can't find on any other auction listing service online. Our staff updates auction listings, cancellations, and verifications daily to help keep your information organized.

You can connect with us by telephone, livechat, email, our internal messaging center, via the blog, and through all of our social media platforms. We are never more than a click away!

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